Comfort Road

by Dreamt

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Recorded at Anchour Studio in Windham, ME in June, 2014. Then some more at BIRDNOSE Audio in Queens, NY in March, 2015.

Cover design and concept by Gregory Hammond Lapierre.

Produced by Dreamt, Joshua Ray, Karl Anderson, and Grant Carey.
Engineered by Joshua Ray, Zach Laskowski, and Grant Carey.
Mixed and mastered by Jason Staniulis in Brooklyn, NY. "Follow Me" mixed at Germano Studios in New York, New York.

Thanks to our friends, families, and devoted listeners. This album was made especially possible by 46 generous indiegogo contributors - THANK YOU. To all who came to shows, hosted shows, put us up for a night or two, lent or supplied equipment. See you soon. Thanks again. <3 <3


released June 14, 2015

All songs by Aidan Boardman, except for "Follow Me" with music by Sam Shuhan, lyrics by Aidan Boardman. Horn arrangements by TJ Schaper, except for "Perpetrators", for which the arrangement came from mastermind, Joshua "OX" Oxford.

Aidan Boardman - acoustic, electric guitar, lead vocals, Roland Juno-1, auxiliary percussion
Grant Carey - claps, harmonies and Mini Korg on "Follow Me"
Damien Scalise - electric guitar
TJ Schaper - trombone, horn arrangements
Emmett Scott - nord
Sam Shuhan - bass
Will Sigel - percussion
Matt Venora - trumpet
Kat Wallace - harmonies, violin solo on "River Song"



all rights reserved


Dreamt New York, New York

Dreamt a collective of jazzers and songwriters, spread across New York State. The sound combines a live energy in the style of Rubblebucket, with indie-rock akin to Wilco or Arcade Fire. In 2011, Aidan Boardman recorded the first EP with the help of Jason Staniulis at Ithaca College. In 2012, Aidan formed the band. They have morphed and released new music each year since. Enjoy ! <3 ... more

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Track Name: Truth
running through the garden, in search of an open thought,
a tiny little impulse that began to snowball
you say we're running races, but I feel as if I'm in the crowd
simply a spectator, on the way home

the garden comes alive with time
to take away what's your and mine
it swells and sways with every age
through all defeats and victories
oh garden grow, take all my fears from me
oh garden grow, shake all the dust away

but you're only as strong as the truth that got you this far

so I run and run and run from all the signal that you fire
I ain't afraid of love, just don't know what it look like
in all the times I sat and simply wrote down every instance
I'd miss the chance to call you darling

the garden rises overnight, claiming all the city lights
we'll meet again on the forest floor
how could I ask for more?
oh garden grow, spin all my webs for me
oh garden grow, shake all the dust away

but you're only as strong as the truth that got you this far
I just can't wait that long for the truth to get me anywhere at all

wouldn't you like to put an end to your hurting?
how would you react when what is lost suddenly comes back?
Track Name: The Harp
the boats start coming in
that's when the wheel starts spinning
another age begins within
inside the cavern of a heart
a nation falls apart
civilization lives and we don't

we won't see it coming, but welcome it as a friend
like the sun always rising, rising and setting

I don't foresee an end the motion
of fascination in selfish humans
so turn your back on silver and
turn your back on gold
those two are getting old, don't you know
or, you don't?

you won't see it coming, but welcome it as a friend
once your body starts moving, rising and setting
the harps sings and suddenly your soul escapes
off in the distance, somewhere the dream awaits

the boats start coming in
that's when the wheel starts spinning
inside the cavern of my heart
a nation falls aparts
civilization lives and we don't
Track Name: Follow Me (feat. Grant Carey)
hands are reaching up from the dust
I'm feeling sorry 'cause you don't see what I see
it's just not in our reach
it keeps on spinning and I'm fed up
with feeling sorry, but there's nothing else up my sleeve
we're climbing and that's all I need

follow me into the love, no need to follow up
why not just follow me?

life looks hard standing in the railyard
but it's bigger than that, it's bigger than us
but we always forget
quit your messin', the world's fed up
with young minds grasping at straws
for a sign that just won't come

Track Name: River Song
little river, won't you run for me?
make the roots grow deeper under hungry trees
even you gave my hands like needles
I'll reach for you each time I breathe

little river running under you and I
reaches up from the clay, do you wonder why
it's silver fingers keep coming for us,
or why we say no the touch?
please set aside your hate for the underbrush

what are you gonna do when summer's done?
don't slow down the story cannot end
take me 'round the bend

I lay awake, can't stand to ask hard questions
I shake at the thought of leaving,
or when it gets to be too late

what are you gonna do when summer comes?
will you take the reigns and share what you have done,
holy one?
Track Name: Even Tinier Desk
now that the water is rippling
the core of your mind begins to pulse
but is it enough?

not with every goodbye
I convince myself that it's all for love

please sing with me
kindred mind
just one more time
Track Name: Comfort
before the crash of the next wave
before the mountains turn into plains
I will provide a shoulder
I will provide safety and comfort

the radio tells me different
tells me I'm better off staying inside the growing anxious
lusting for a poster child

just be sure that the feeling's real
every arrival contains a label that I
urgently deny

for now I'm just a beetle
scuttling out of a shit-pile
never living in fear
ever fueled by desire

so be sure that I'm your side
though at times it seems that my gaze can be
the most absolute disguise
take one look, feel my presence
thought at times it seems
the tricks played on me are still at work inside
Track Name: Road
climbing a web of my own words
the whole story is the one thing you haven't heard
I lost of patience playing confessor's roulette
but you still don't know that yet

time passes over at your leisure
you swing on shady branches over everyone
the winds that you make circle me 'round
back to heartache under desert suns

we are empires built in a day
not built to last, but for now we will stay
in the cavern of reflection where the walls are painted
with a false claim to the land on which we land
I can last a few months without hearing it speak
I have lasted for years knowing it don't love me
bed-ridden with a fever, we continue to dread
while an infectious melody plays in our heads
Track Name: Kill for Money
I get eased into the beat that what I own owns me
it's getting clearer, there's no way out
if you want to kill for money, baby
just sit at that desk, start taking names
if you think you have all deserve

reject it all, your love runs cold lately
what's given me, I'll give back ten fold, one day
sails stretch and water flows always

every step along the way reveals seven different fates
if you want an elegy, then just go home early

protect your fall, the love run cold lately
what's given us, we'll give back ten fold, you'll see
sails stretch and water flows always

if you want to kill for money, baby
just sit at that desk, start taking names
if you think you have all deserve
Track Name: Ending and Starting Again
either show me how it fits together, or show me how it falls apart
I surrender to your lonely heart
you ask me where the pain is, say you wanna look
I feel this ending and starting again

you disappear in the balance, fade into the grey
stories manufactured, identities erased
you show where the joy is before I'm ready to see
I spread my wings and fly right through the cracks in between

feel all categories, toss them into the street
my arms are flailing, no rescue coming
keep your possessions, love them like they love you
plant trees next to desert flowers, never blooming

you roll over in your sleep just to catch the last of the day
you forget that it's a gift
you missed out on the gift
Track Name: Perpetrators
future come early today
I remain safe from the punishments of
the law and the land, the sweeping sands
rivers and canopies
a paper trail leading to me

measure all your struggles and pains
'cause you know exactly where the bottom is
become your material, cannibalistic
at the back of the tavern, you pissed then you missed it
inner death so imminent

all your fences fall and the lines all start to blend
unadvisable, but you will not accept this fate
it's evident to all, but where are the perpetrators?
up against the wall you will fall into ignorance

I am evil, imperfect, you're the substance of the ocean
extraordinary expectations, driving me out of this nation
there's a light at the bottom, where you've been all your life
I am evil, seeking absolution
Track Name: What People Need
what exists will leave the way it came
kicking screaming needing breathing
the same goes for all your love and hate
forgive yourself for wishing them away

manifest the meaning you see inside
you are the only emancipator
I wish you'd fall out of love with
the way you see colors
until you do I am out of things to say

would you believe that the modern world is what keep me away, and that until rescue comes, I'll be lost, staring out to sea?
we both knew we couldn't stay here forever
and that you would have been the first out of us to leave
I would give more if I knew what people needed
Track Name: Season
we went walking in the snow
freezing cold, we should knew better
it seems I feel as a did before
I've thrown away my escape plans
I had no need for them

tell me I'm doing the right thing
just by staying clean while playing the fiend
if she don't see it now, then she never will
you say in my ear over champagne
let's kiss, then toast again

left with the fragments of a dead past
the moment goes and we scamper back
to find the truest warmth inside

the scale breaks whenever I take a step
I'm looking past this season
to find the truest warmth

it's when the sun sets on my green-eyed baby
to see it shine in her eye
oh that's where you'll find me tonight